You have a firewall on your computer network, you require regular password changes on all PCs, and you have installed antivirus software on all computer laptops and computers. You’re safe, right? Wrong.

In today’s always-changing world, every device in your office is susceptible to attack. Your office copiers are more than likely connected to your network. This is a helpful convenience, but it also poses a threat. Every copier and printer is capable of storing information from what you’ve scanned, printed, and copied on it. Is your office information safe?

Our Tips for a Safe Copier

The good news is that there are easy steps you can take to make sure your information is safe. Rather than taking the chance that your data could fall into the wrong hands, take these steps to stay secure:

  1. Install a password-protected router or a firewall between your copier and the Internet
  2. Regularly change the admin password on your devices
  3. Make sure your password is a secure combination of upper- and lower-case letters and numbers
  4. Ensure that you’ve enabled SSL/TLS and validate certificates

Choose a Safe Copier

There is such a thing as a more secure copier. When searching for a new copier, keep these considerations in mind.

Is Your Data Protected?

New, high-quality copiers include encryption protocols that ensure your data is secure when it’s transmitted via printing, emailing, or faxing. You can also purchase machines that allow for secure-release printing, meaning that only you will be able to finish printing a document that you’ve sent from your computer. Ask us about how safe your information is on each device you’re considering.

Have Your Wiped Old Machines?

When you’re done with a copier, it’s essential that you ensure the hard drive is either wiped or destroyed, especially if you’re selling the copier or recycling it.

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