In today’s business environment, it is crucial to cut costs and boost productivity. Many business leaders realize that these goals are tied directly to cutting waste and enhancing sustainability in company practices, particularly in the area of print. Green IT has become increasingly popular because of this, with many companies choosing to go green in order to reap the benefits of healthy bottom lines while energy prices rise.

CompTIA recently surveyed businesses on their thoughts about going green in their IT practices. Their findings pointed to a discovery that may surprise some: companies that have chosen managed print services are more likely to associated green IT with printing. Managed print services adopters were 77% more likely to associate green IT practices with printing than others.

This is a crucial association; printing is an area of unfortunate waste in most offices in the US. For the average US company, 50% of total waste going to landfills is paper. Companies that implement green practices in the office should start with this area.

Tim Herbert of CompTIA notes that this awareness of green printing practices is likely due to the forward thinking of businesses that choose managed print services. Herbert also speculated that managed print providers may be in the best position to help companies take advantage of the benefits of green IT.

How Managed Print and Green IT Intersect

Managed print services offer end-to-end monitoring and optimization of your office’s printing. This includes an initial evaluation of your current practices to identify inefficiencies, an overhaul of your printing fleet, and implementation of practices designed to save you money and resources. Managed print providers offer these services at a set monthly price, introducing predictability to printing budgets.

The happy truth is that these good business practices translate to green business; managed print saves you paper, energy, and consumables. Your managed services provider will root out energy-inefficient machines and replace them with better machines with lower costs of ownership. They’ll also help you find and implement processes that reduce total printing output.

Ready to make the leap and go green with managed print services? Contact Capital Business Systems today for more information. The environment—and your pocketbook—will thank you.