Is your business prepared for a disaster? When asked this question, most people think of a natural disaster like flood or fire. While these do occur on a regular basis, most businesses are more likely to be hit by a disaster of a different sort.

Today’s manmade disaster usually comes in the form of a cyber attack or power outage. Neither are predictable, but for the vast majority of companies, it’s a simple matter of not if, but when they’ll strike.

What Are the Chances?

With over 27 trillion cyber attacks every year, it just makes sense to be prepared. Let’s put it another way: If there were 27 trillion shark attacks every year, would you rethink your plans for a dip in the ocean this summer?

Make a Plan

Winston Churchill got it right: “He who fails to plan is planning to fail.” A disaster recovery strategy along with a detailed business continuity plan are essential if today’s companies are going to survive into the next decade.

Outsourcing the monitoring and maintenance of your network to Managed Network Services is one such plan, and it’s an excellent one. Consider these benefits:

  • 24/7/365 network monitoring with ongoing proactive maintenance.
  • Fewer network downtimes that put your business at risk.
  • Data backup in the event of a disaster, both man-made and natural.
  • A disaster recovery and business continuity plan to get your company back on its feet as quickly as possible.

Test the Plan

Why wait for a power outage or malicious attack to find out if your company is prepared for the worst. Outline the steps you’ll need to take if the worst happens, then test everything. It’s much better to locate flaws in your disaster recovery plan while everyone is calm than to discover them in the midst of the real thing.

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