Benefits of Outsourcing IT Support Solutions


Managing your IT and business network is never fun. If you’re lucky, you have the resources to appoint an IT specialist and hand those duties off to them. But most small and medium sized businesses do not have that luxury. In those cases, they have two choices – do it themselves, or outsource it.

Working with an IT and network management service has multiple benefits that doing it yourself does not.

1. Reduce your labor costs
Building and training an internal IT department of any size is time-consuming and often costly. Employing an outside company to provide IT support services gives you access – sometimes 24/7 – to experts at a fraction of the cost.

2. Lessen your IT costs
Considering all the parts of business IT – servers, storage, networks, security, and multiple other components – it will almost always be a business’s most expensive investment. Outsourcing those commitments often allows a business to combine the costs of hardware, maintenance and labor into one monthly cost that can be anticipated and budgeted for.

3. Disaster Recovery
If you manage your own IT and business network, do you have a plan for recovering from a disaster? For small and medium sized businesses, disaster recovery means planning and documenting the processes and procedures they will take to protect (and quickly restore) their business processes and/or IT infrastructure following a catastrophic natural or man-made event, such as employee malice or neglect. IT and network management companies are able to help you plan disaster recovery processes and activate them immediately, whenever necessary.

4. Focus on your business
Managed IT and network services allow you to transfer the risk and accountability of your IT and network to them, allowing you to continue growing your business and attending to your customers. Without having to spend your time and resources on IT management, it allows your employees to be more productive, mobile and efficient.

5. Decrease your risk
By managing your IT and network yourself, you also assume all of the risk in terms of downtime, lost business, and regulatory adherence. A managed IT and network service naturally removes the burden from you and assumes much of this risk. They will often have access to industry-specific knowledge about security and compliance issues that you may not, and can apply it appropriately.

Although the thought of passing the management of the IT and network that is the bedrock of your business can be daunting, working with an experienced IT and network management expert allows companies to learn, grow, and evolve.

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